Saturday, January 05, 2008



Major Reasons a Christian Should NOT Support Rev. Mike Huckabee (taken from list of over 100 total reasons).

Rev. Huckabee is a member of the LIBERAL wing of the Southern Baptist Convention. The liberals (AKA moderates) in the SBC are the ones who don’t believe the Bible literally, often denying the Genesis accounts and miracles, while rejecting the stated authorship of many books of the Bible. Huckabee says the church he now attends is patterned after Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church. Warren, who went to seminary with Huckabee, just had Hillary and Obama speak in his church.

Rev. Huckabee backpedaled on denial of evolution - “How he did it, I don’t know. What I believe is not what’s going to be taught.” Said it’s a “process” (sounds like evolution, or theistic evolution) that might take “ages”.

Rev. Huckabee LIED about having a post-grad theology degree at least three times. He does have an under-grad degree in religion, but that obviously didn’t teach him enough to know when and how God created.

Rev. Huckabee agreed that the Lawrence v. Texas ruling declaring sodomy a Constitutional right “probably was appropriate”. Huckabee does not rule out having homosexuals in his administration.

Rev. Huckabee supports privately funded embryonic stem cell research.

Bro. Huckabee signed three anti-home schooling bills, including one to make it harder to remove children from public schools to home school them.

Like his predecessor from Hope, Ark., Huck plays a musical instrument (a guitar) in a rock band. The band, “Capitol Offense” plays rock songs glorifying drugs, fornication, and prostitution.

Rev. Huckabee held joint services with the local ROMAN CATHOLIC church in Texarkana and regularly had breakfast with the area Catholic Bishop.

Supported amnesty for illegal aliens, which rewards criminal behavior and punishes those who try to immigrate legally. Supported giving them free education, health care, welfare, driver’s licenses, college tuition and the right to vote.

Investigated by Arkansas Ethics Commission 16 times. Reprimanded by AEC five times. Fined $1,000 for failing to report outside income and payments from his campaign fund.

Allowed passage of bill to made it easier for restaurants to obtain private-club mixed-drink permits in dry counties and sped final action on a bill to allow video poker at the state's racetracks (then received $10,000 gift from owner).

On 12-20 Huckabee refused a speaking engagement because of the campaign. Two days later he accepted one at Messiah denier John Hagee’s Cornerstone church. Coincidentally, Huckabee now charges a minimum $25,000 to speak at churches.

Used public tax money for dozens of personal expenses, including his babysitter, transportation, and a doghouse.

Democratic Gov. Beebe was able to retain 15 of Huckabee’s agency heads because they were Clinton people, not Huckabee people.”

In 1992 campaign used campaign funds to pay himself to be his own media consultant. In 1994 campaign, set up charity (Action America) so he could pay himself for speeches without having to disclose names of his benefactors.

Accepted $40,000 from tobacco giant R.J. Reynolds to fund a speaking tour to evangelical Christians to campaign against Hillary’s planned cigarette tax hike even though he hiked cigarette taxes by even more in his own state. Are “evangelical Christians” really so gullible?

Raised taxes at least 21 times, including income, sales, gas, and nursing home taxes. Net tax increase of over $500 million (47%), despite claims of cutting taxes 90 times.

Increased predecessor Bill Clinton's budget by 65%. Can you conceive Huckabee even trying to campaign against Hillary when he was a much bigger taxer and spender than Bill? Imagine Slick Willy in an ad bemoaning that his frugal, taxpayer-friendly budget was destroyed by some big-spending, high-taxing liberal, and we need to vote for Hillary to prevent the same thing at the federal level. The saddest thing would be that, for once, Bill would be telling the TRUTH!

Gave recent speech to Council on Foreign Relations (prominent NWO supporters). Wrote recent article for CFR that they considered an "essential document". Penned an article for the Jan-Feb ‘08 CFR publication, “Foreign Affairs” promoting the war on terror. CFR Senior fellow Michael Gerson wrote an article November ‘07, “The Huckabee Difference” promoting Huckabee’s compassion (in using other people’s money, certainly not his own) while he was governor. Admits his foreign policy is steered by CFR President Richard Haass. Once those CFR promos were released, Huckabee miraculously surged from the 1-2% range in polls to 20%-30% among the leaders. Just a coincidence, of course. To believe otherwise would make one a “conspiracy nut”.

Huckabee supported the United Nations coming into Arkansas and taking over public and private land, without compensation, for an international UN Biosphere. Of course he lied about it until the order he signed was made public. Then he had to oppose his own directive.

If you vote for Huckabee, don’t be surprised or complain when you get:

8. NAFTA, CAFTA, FTAA, AMERO, North American Union, etc. etc.
10. NEW WORLD ORDER (See Revelation)

You are being warned ahead of time, this is what you’ll get with Huckabee. This is what you are ASKING for, therefore it will be what you DESERVE (and be sure, I will remind you every chance I get).

We are not talking about a couple of disagreeable points in Huckabee’s resume, we’re talking about over 100 serious matters where Huckabee takes un-American, un-Constitutional, and ungodly positions and actions. If you vote for him, you are voting for those things, and you will be responsible and accountable for those things.