Thursday, October 09, 2008



In a list of over 70 items, there may be a handful that are overstated (that still leaves dozens of items to deal with) or mistaken. Here are a couple of corrections and updates I want to make to the below items:

* Ms. Palin has clarified that her statement quoted as claiming the war on terror was "a task from God" was meant to convey the message that our prayers were asking for God's guidance to be sure our action was within God's will, and thereby "a task of God". In lieu of an audio of her actual statement, we will take her at her word and withdraw that claim unless it can be better substantiated.

* The claim that the policy during Palin's administration forced rape victims (or their insurance) to pay for their own investigation is technically true, but Palin might not have been in favor of the policy. The lack of rapes in Wasilla could easily have kept such a law from being noticed. We will not hold Ms. Palin accountable for every law on the books, when such laws have never been implemented.

* The racy photo on the Vogue cover was a photoshop job. Still, Palin has shown plenty of leg in several photos. Enough to get the attention of the President of Pakistan and be criticised by Muslims for being immodest, during the campaign.


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