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Here is a list of over 60 items about Sarah Palin that should be undesirable to a conservative, Christian constitutionalist. Some are more important than others. I’m not claiming that every item is a disqualification, but they are all things to consider in a candidate for high office.


1. She worked to keep a state-owned business, the Matanuska Maid Dairy, in operation, rather than allow the free market private sector to deal with it. That is socialism.

2. The dairy operation received $600,000 in taxpayer aid from the state. That is theft, even if considered legal.

3. She "persuaded Wasilla voters to increase the local sales tax to pay for an indoor hockey arena and convention center."

4. The city didn’t get clear title to the property and had to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars untangling the snafu.

5. She has also offered $500 million in incentives (again from taxpayers) to attract developers to build a new gas pipeline in the state. More theft.

6. She presided over a tax increase on oil company profits, teaming with liberal Democrats. She quietly accepted their increases of her tax hike. More socialist theft.

7. Failed to keep promises to cut spending.8. Palin hired a lobbyist while mayor of Wasilla, to secure $27m funding for a population of 9,000, the kind of spending McCain has vowed to veto. Small town big-spending. What would she do in Washington?

9. When she took over as mayor, Wasilla was not in debt. She left it $22 million in the hole.

10. She supported vouchers for alleged educational choice. That sounds good, but gov’t never gives away money without strings attached. Vouchers simply give the gov’t control over private, Christian, and home schools. Better they allow citizens to keep more of their own income to pay for their own educational choices, or offer tax credits.


1. Under investigation for ethical violations for having a personal motive in firing Alaska’s public safety commissioner because he wouldn’t fire her ex-brother-in-law.

2. "The Governor first issued a blanket denial (of above firing) but now she's had to back down and that's a problem," said French. "She has a credibility problem," he said.

3. Her husband has refused to respond to his subpoena in the case even though doing so is a crime in Alaska.

4. Previously accused of personal motives in temporarily firing Wasilla librarian who refused to ban books.

5. Also fired the Wasilla police chief, partly because he wanted to close bars early due to a rash of drunk driving accidents. Bars were among Palin’s largest contributors.

6. Sarah Palin billed Alaska taxpayers almost $17,000 for her to spend 300+ nights in her own home. Can I get in on that program?

7. She also billed taxpayers over $135,000 for travel expenses, unusual acts that are illegal in many places.

8. The “corruption fighter” maintains a political relationship with Ted Stevens, indicted on seven counts of corruption.

9. The V.P. acceptance speech Palin is being hailed for was written before she was even offered the position.


1. Says the attack on Iraq was a "task from God" (now trying to recant that statement).

2. Willing to go to war with Russia over Georgia conflict, even though Georgia violated their treaty and attacked first.

3. Says she believes Iraq was responsible for the 9-11 attack, something even President Bush has been forced to deny.

4. In the pre-written speech, Palin trotted out the al Qaeda threat to justify trashing the Bill of Rights.

5. Palin refused to take a position on the intrusive “Real ID”, even thought the Alaska legislature voted 58-2 to reject it.

6. Honored the United Nations by naming three days as "Alaska Model United Nations Days".

7. Alaska is a “sanctuary state” for illegal aliens.

8. One of the first ads for McCain-Palin was a Spanish ad telling (illegal) aliens that they would be more favorable for them than Obama.

9. To gain some foreign affairs experience, the campaign had veteran globalist Henry Kissinger take her to the annual opening of the United Nations General Assembly.


1. She ... opposes gay marriage - but exercised a veto that essentially granted benefits to gay state employees and their partners.

2. She backpedaled on backing Buchanan. Either that or she pretended to back him previously.

3. Being advised by Democrat Sen. Joe Lieberman.

4. Rudy Guiliani's former communications director is now her spokesman.

5. Her speechwriter, Matthew Scully, is an anti-gun, Card-carrying PETA vegetable.

6. Three of her five closest friends (from Wasilla “Elite Gang of Six”) are pro-abortion. Are more than half of your closest friends pro-abortion?

7. She is a former Democrat. That may mean nothing, but it also may be a red warning flag to take note of.

8. But she has kept a pledge from her 2006 campaign for governor to not press for creation-based alternatives or seek creation advocates for the school board. Of all the pledges for her to keep, she’s keeping the one she should never have made.

9. Her oldest son will soon be deploying to Iraq (with her blessing) where, besides risking his own life in a questionable cause, he likely will have to kill other people's children in an unjust, unprovoked, war of aggression. Muslims are just as alive and possessing of eternal souls as the pre-born.

10. In her acceptance speech, Palin of course bragged on McCain. She has to now, being his running mate. She can no longer tell the truth about him, she must endorse him, warts and all.

11. In Alaska, she has directed officials to work on ways to reduce greenhouse gases to fight global warming.

12. She’s now claiming man may be responsible for global warming, and claiming she never denied human culpability. She won’t pull McCain to the right, he is already pulling her to the left.

13. Supported “bridges to nowhere” but now claims she’s against them. I guess she’s exercising a woman’s prerogative to change her mind … again.

14. Says she won’t let a "personal opinion" interfere with a McCain administration policy that differs from hers.

15. The GOP and campaign are up in arms about Palin’s email being hacked, but those very same people have no qualms about hacking your email, phone calls, bank records, medical records, travel records, credit records, library records, et al, under Homeland Security legislation. Feel more secure?


1. Palin could rescue America’s daughters from being inspired in the direction of feminism by liberal women. The solution, naturally, is for America’s daughters to be influenced in the direction of feminism by conservative women.

2. Palin belongs to "FEMINISTS for Life", an obviously “conservative Christian” organization.

3. Isaiah 3:12 As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

4. What would Sarah do if her husband disagreed with something President McCain required of V.P. Palin? Which man would she submit to? Careful Mr. Palin, John McCain has a history of committing adultery with young, attractive women.

5. By her own admission, Sarah never prayed about her acceptance of the VP offer, nor did she even discuss it with her husband, before instantly making such a major, life-altering, family-uprooting decision.


1. Though perhaps not outright pornography, many of her photos are more revealing than expected from a professing Christian. The immodest photos range from high school to college to beauty pageants to magazine covers in recent months. Though she expressed remorse for her past pageant poses, the cover of Vogue, and the “biker babe” radio station photo show that her alluring poses are not a thing of the past.

2. She admits to having smoked marijuana when it was legal in Alaska between 1975 and 2006.

3. She named her new infant Van, because she thought it was neat that his middle name would rhyme with 80's rock group Van Halen.

4. Sarah was pregnant before she eloped to marry her husband.

5. Currently, her 17 year old daughter is also pregnant out of wedlock. See a trend? Immodest dress, immodest behavior. Like mother, like daughter. They have given fuel to the birth control/sex ed. advocates and caused Christians to hypocritically defend sin among Republicans that they castigated Democrats over.

6. Sarah's Pastor, Larry Kroon, does not believe Mark 16:9-20 are scripture, and he refuses to preach on them or read them.

7. Gov. Palin issued a proclamation supporting the Prince Hall black Mason group. Questionable group to support.

8. Being in beauty pageants in the first place, which are fleshly contests, is not a wise endeavor for a Christian lady. Wonder if there’s a connection here with the immodesty, fornication, and unwed pregnancies?

9. Her own mother-in-law did not support her for mayor and so far doesn’t support her for Vice President.

10. The Palin administration in Alaska made rape victims pay to have their rapes investigated. Other crime victims don’t have to pay for the crimes committed against them to be investigated.


1. Despite rhetoric to the contrary, Palin is PRO-CHOICE on abortion. When asked what extent should abortion be prohibited in Alaska, if Roe vs. Wade was overturned, she replied: “It would be up to the people of Alaska to discuss and decide how we would like our society to reflect our values”. She added that she “opposes the use of public funds for elective abortions”, indicating she supports using public money for non-elective abortions. Although she SAYS she’s pro-life, she’s DONE nothing to curb abortion in Alaska.

2. She was criticized by pro-life groups in Alaska when she refused to include two abortion-related measures in special sessions she called earlier this year to act on her proposal to build a gas pipeline. She said those bills would be too distracting from the pipeline measure, which she considered a higher priority and wanted passed, said Republican Alaska State Senator Lyda Green.

3. Immediately after being tabbed for the V.P. slot, Palin cancelled an appearance where she was to receive the Republican National Coalition for Life's 2008 Life of the Party award from Phyllis Schafly.

4. The McCain-Palin campaign announced Saturday (9-13-08) that they would spend millions more of your tax dollars on stem cell research. Such research kills unborn babies to perform experiments on them (and you though Mengele’s eugenics program was defeated in WWII, didn’t you?). When does life begin Ms. Palin? Mr. McCain? Or is that above your pay level? What if Mr. Palin says his pro-life wife shouldn’t support such a program? Will she submit to her husband, or some other man?



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