Thursday, October 30, 2008



The above blasphemy was spewed out by Ms. Palin at an October 4th rally in California just after she was introduced by the feminazi who is the current President of the Loa Angeles chapter of the liberal N.O.W., Shelly Mandell. Her introduction to Palin pointed out that. “This is what a feminist looks like!”

That reminds me of the introduction of the leader of the Oshkosh. WI sodomite group, “Queers on the Water”. Michael Kahl proudly presented himself with, “This is what a gay man looks like!”

Both homosexuality and feminism are wicked perversions of God’s design for men, women, and families.

Mandell’s predecessor as LA NOW President, Tammy Bruce, is an avowed lesbian, and a pro-choice Democrat. She also endorses Ms. Palin.


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