Sunday, July 05, 2009



The adulerous affair of Gov. Mark Sanford is public news now. Here are my comments on the matter:

Anyone can fall prey to sins of the flesh. What blows my mind is what he has done since.

His wife was gracious enough to concede that he had earned a chance to attempt to reconcile. So what does he do? He abandons his post to secretly meet with the whore (who also was married originally). Then he comes back and starts trying to justify his adultery by spouting off that she was his soulmate, their relationship was true love, and now he'll have to learn to love his wife all over again. WHAT?

If, God forbid, I ever cheated on my wife, I don't think a good plan of reconciliation would be to say, "Honey, that woman was my soulmate. We were really in love, but I'll try to learn to love you again." A frying pan upside the head would hardly begin to be an adequate response. What must Mrs. Sanford think of such comments? They must hurt more than the infidelity. Gov. Sanford must want his marriage to dissolve so he can flee back to his "soulmate".

BTW, if they get together and reality sets in, they will have all the problems every couple has. Currently, they only see the good side of each other. That's always the case with someone on the side. The wife is there for better and worse, richer and poorer. The mistress is only there for the better and richer. That's why 2nd marriages have an even higher divorce rate.

IMO, what Sanford has done since the adultery was exposed was far more repugnant than the adultery.